First "Chilled by the River" fundraiser

Published: Jul. 29, 2016 at 9:31 PM MDT
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United Way of Mesa County fundraises all year long to help dozens of nonprofits within the area. Last night, they held a new event in hopes of raising $1,000. “Chilled by the River” took place at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens. United Way wanted to get the community more involved.

"I want people to know that we're really looking for community solutions, we're trying to improve health, income levels for people, make them more self-reliant and make sure that we're building strong families here in Mesa County," said United Way spokesperson Honorah Thompson.

United Way helps fund over 45 programs within Mesa County. Programs must be local, an established nonprofit, and viewed by a panel to determine if they would benefit from United Ways help.

"We have a long standing, successful relationship with United Way. We're really excited to partner with them on a regular basis for things," said Girl Scouts of Colorado representative Cindi Graves.

The girl scouts depend on United Way to fund the “Girls Are Great” program, a program that helps girls transition into middle school. United Way also helps girls who can’t afford to join on their own by providing scholarships.

If you were unable to attend Chilled by the River you can still make a donation. The fundraising goal United Way wants to reach this year is $1,000,000.