Feral cat issues in Delta

DELTA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A woman in Delta says a group of feral cats has been killed because of land development.

Her name is Melissa Heinzen, and she claims she has been feeding a group of feral cats near the Colorado River for over 15 years.

The colony of cats is right next to an island area near the river that is being redeveloped for a recreational area.

Melissa says since the construction started on this land, she has found several of her cats dead.

While she admits there is an over-population of cats, she doesn’t think killing them is the right way to deal with them.

“I have, and several others have tried our best to clean this up, this cat problem. But we get no help from the city or anyone else. And it's really hard to do it on our own. Financially it’s a big burden too," Heinzen said.

Officials with the Fort Uncompahgre Interpretive Center have cleaned up the land and want it to be used for community purposes, but want the cats to be removed humanely.

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