Father talks about witnessing son's death in alleged murder

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- It's something no parent wants to imagine, your own child dying next to you.

For Carl Gomez Sr., it's not a mental picture in his mind. He witnessed his son, Carl Gomez Jr., die Sunday morning at a home in Fruitvale.

"Just wish I could have had that time back and not come here," Gomez Sr. said.

According to Mesa County Sheriff's Office investigators, Carl Gomez, Jr. and his dad were visiting a lifelong friend to drop off items for storage. Then they heard a noise.

"Knocked on the door and started to open it with that knife," Gomez Sr. said.

According to the affidavit, it was Elias Hernandez. Investigators said he's an an ex-boyfriend of their friend they were visiting.

"The guy came in here and broke through the door and started swinging the knife around ," Gomez Sr. said.

Gomez Sr. was battered and bruised. His son though, was stabbed in the chest.

"Tried to help him but it was just too late," Gomez Sr. said.

Hernandez continued to put up a fight. Gomez Sr. held him down until police arrived.

The friend told the lead investigator that Hernandez had threatened her three weeks earlier and they had broken up.

When asked what he would say to the Hernandez, Gomez Sr. was very blunt.

"I hope you pay for it," Gomez Sr. said. "Rot in Hell."

Hernandez was supposed to make a first court appearance Monday, it was pushed back until Tuesday. He's being held without bond on First Degree Murder, Second Degree Murder, First Degree Assault, First Degree Burglary, and several outstanding warrants.

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