Facts vs fiction when it comes to pets and COVID-19

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GRAND JUNCTION Colo. (KJCT)-- One area of the COVID-19 outbreak that we haven't really touched on is its impact, if any, on your pets.

There is a lot of speculation about the novel virus and your furry friends. But a local vet and shelter are debunking the myths and sharing the facts when it comes to COVID-19 and your pets.

A recent report shows a dog in Hong Kong had a weak positive to COVID-19 but a local vet says not to worry.

“"There is still no evidence to show that the dogs could contract the illness but you would not want to spread it to another human via your dog." Says Dominic Carrica, Owner and Vet at Amigo Animal Clinic.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there is no evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread the virus.

"It is thought that if you for instances were sick with the COVID virus, if you were to cough or transfer infectious fluids onto your dogs coats." Says Carrica.

And what washing our hands does for us, applies the same way to our pets.

"Make sure that you treating an animal that's been exposed to infected person as anything else that has been exposed to an infected person," says Anna Stout, Executive Director of Roice-Hurst. "Wash your hands after handling, use hand sanitizer and don't touch your face after handling an animal and you can bathe the pet which is the most effective way."

Having a Pet Preparedness Plan is also a good idea.

Stout says "Make sure that you have everything spelled out about what your pet eats, what its daily routine is, what toys it likes to play with, all that information."

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