Exercise can help reduce risk of Alzheimer's

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- According to the Alzheimer's Association, exercise can help reduce your risk of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's.

We all know it's important to exercise to stay healthy, but it's not just your body that needs the workout. Your brain needs to stay fit too.

"Keep your brain active and learn new things," said Amelia Schafer, Executive Director for the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado.

You could do that by playing Sudoku, solving puzzles or even changing up your daily routine.

"Go a different route in the grocery store which makes you think about it, " said Schafer.

Physical workouts can help brain function too.

"When you exercise, and your heart rate goes up, that actually pumps really important, vital nutrients to your brain," said Schafer.

Cardio can get your blood flowing and increase the oxygen levels in your brain.

A mind in tip-top-shape could reduce your risk of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's. Nearly six million Americans suffer from it.

'It doesn't have a treatment, prevention or a cure," said Schafer.

That's why it's important to exercise both body and mind to help prevent the deadly disease.

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