Elephant exhibit features mastodon, mammoth skulls

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KCJT)-- If you're a fan of paleontology, head over to the Children's Nature Center. They've got some new exhibits for you to check out, four to be exact.

A temporary elephant skull exhibit features replicas of an adult male African elephant, a mammoth skull, a shovel-tooth elephant and the small female mastodon that came out of Snowmass.

The mastodon skull was discovered by the Denver Science Museum, and biologists say although they look similar, mastodons are completely different than mammoths.

"They converged a long time ago. Mammoths are more closely related to modern-day elephants than mastodons. They were around some 20 million years ago, quite a bit before the mammoths," said biologist Jacquelyn Smith.

The Children's Nature Center is the only living museum between Denver and Salt Lake City that exhibits exotic animals in naturalist habitats. They're located in the Mesa Mall.

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