Education Matters: Auto mechanic students donate car repairs

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- There's so much to know as an auto mechanic, but you won't find kindness in a manual.

When Kara Lee Boudreaux's family car broke down in July, she didn't have the money to fix it. She's the only driver in a family with three other disabled people. Then Kara Lee broke down too and ended up in the hospital.

She'd heard about the students at Western Colorado Community College donating their time to fix peoples cars.

"It really is devastating when you can't get to the grocery and you have three people with disabilities to take care of," said Kara Lee, Boudreaux whose family car was fixed by the students.

But there was so much work to be done, and the students knew about her financial situation, so they took matters into their own hands. The students found some used parts on their lot and bought the rest with funds from their car show profits.

"Doesn't matter how well you can fix a car, matters how you can relate to the person," said Robert Kull, a WCCC Auto Mechanic Student.

Kull and his classmates turned the work into a project fueled by kindness. He says that's what will keep customers coming back.

Their teacher is full of pride and the Boudreaux's have their freedom back.

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