Education Matters: Music Spark orchestra celebrates season

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- When was the last time you had a student tell you their favorite classical composer?

The kids in Music Spark can do a lot more than that. They’ll play you music from their favorite composer.

"It's kind of like playing with a new toy, except it makes sounds -- it makes songs."

Dr. Gisela Flanigan is the Executive Director of the group. This holiday season they’re playing traditional Christmas tunes and more of their own contemporary favorites. Flanigan hopes these kids will grow with the music and so will their love for it.

There are a lot of students from the Dual Immersion Academy involved, but Flanigan says kids from across District 51 are part of this little symphony too.

They play songs both popular in English and Spanish Flanigan says there are two chords that are most important to these violinists.

"That believe in our kids and believe in the power of music," said Dr. Gisela Flanigan, Executive Director of Music Spark.

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