Education Matters: AP classes bring higher learning to Fruita Monument High School

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FRUITA, Colo. (KJCT)-- One of the most common complaints we hear about traditional education is that it doesn’t prepare kids for the real world.

Advance placement classes at Fruita Monument High School are breaking down that attitude, and rebuilding with a new learning style.

"So AP Seminar is really cool," says Kohl Hagee, a senior Fruita Monument.

Junior Charlize Geer said, "I didn't think you could do something like that until college."

Fruita Monument is leading the charge for more challenging classes for Colorado's high school students.

"It's only the third year that they've had this AP capstone program," says Shanna Miller, AP teacher at Fruita Monument. "The students are excited, I feel like they could run the class without me at this point."

They're just one of five schools in the state to have these advanced placement classes. And the first class of these leading students is graduating from the program. First, they take Seminar.

"It teaches you how to research and compile sources, look at different perspectives from different lenses," says Hagee.

Then Research.

"That's a whole year to research whatever you want, and I'm like that's really interesting," says Geer.

They're not just making the grade here. They're heading off to college with sharpened tools for success.

Hagee said, "You can use this in the Math and Science department, you can also use it when you're writing a research paper."

"I ask questions, I redirect, but really, they own their own learning," says Miller.

Choosing your own assignment, and two years of intense work sounds like a lot, but it's growing in popularity. More than 80 kids wanted to be in the class this year.

Students say the class gives value to your ideas, in a way other classes don’t. It’s successfully bringing the higher learning environment, into a high school.

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