Education Matters: Cat Candy Grams raise $800

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Grand Junction has a feral cat problem. But the students at Top Elementary have a sweet solution; cat candy grams.

They taped paper cat faces and pipe cleaner tails to candy canes and sold them for a dollar each. They're donating $798 to the Ouray Avenue Kitten Gang.

"We're trying to neuter them so they wouldn't have babies so there won't be more and more and more feral cats," said Remi Brasch, a Third Grade Student at Tope Elementary.

The program traps the cats, fixes them and returns them to the streets.
They'll also help pay for essentials for abandoned kittens, like formula and vet care so they can be adopted. The problem based learning project is teaching the kids how to get hands-on to fix an issue in their community.

"If we really want our kids to become self directed collaborative citizens, then we have to teach them it's important to help others and our community," said Kristin Mottram, a Teacher at Tope Elementary.

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