Drug task force makes arrests; seizes cash and weapons in Garfield County

Published: Sep. 11, 2017 at 1:18 PM MDT
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The Two Rivers Drug Enforcement Team (TRIDENT), a drug task force in Garfield County, conducted investigations between October 2015 and August 2017 that resulted in the arrest of 15 suspects on various drug charges, according to officials.

The task force worked with the Drug Enforcement Administration and several local agencies, according to a press release.

Officers seized 330 grams of cocaine, 6200 grams of meth, seven grams of heroin, three rifles and more than $21,000 in cash, investigators said.

Here are the suspects arrested in connection with these investigations:

Paul Hernandez Contreras

Daniel Tapia-Morales

Sean Herrera

Rigoberto Felix

Sergio Gonzalez-Lomeli

Brandon Latigue

Ricardo Morales

David Sosa

Marco Valdez

Karinda Sills

David Lopez-Auellar

Jason Scott Foreman

Anthony William Toovey

Maria Quezada

Rodolfo Castillo


Other operations by TRIDENT that took place from October 2016 to February 2017 resulted in arrests and charges as well, according to investigators.

In the areas of Carbondale and Glenwood Springs officers bought 29 grams of cocaine, 50 hits of LSD, and 253 grams of meth in operations that ended in the arrest of eight suspects.

Six of the suspects face state felony charges and two were indicted on federal charges, according to investigators.

Here are the suspects arrested in connection with these investigations:

Jasmine Juan-Lucas, 18

Michael Muro, 24

Abran Gutierrez, 21

Brian Nevarez, 19

Roberto Martinez, 21

Javier Joya, 23

Rigoberto Felix, 31 (Federal Charges)

Sergio Santiago Gonzales Lomeli, 22 (Federal Charges)