Door-to-door salesperson said they have legitimate business

Published: Oct. 24, 2018 at 4:44 PM MDT
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Recently, KJCT News 8 has reported on concerns several residents on Orchard Mesa had about a door-to-door solicitor. They were selling what residents described as air quality tests.

Since the story aired, a legitimate business in the Valley has reached out to say they are not a scam.

In our previous reporting, we said these businesses may very well exist, and did not state the door-to-door salesperson was a scammer.

Mesa County Public Health put out a notice that they were not doing any air quality testing, and that is still the case.

Grand Valley Air LLC., said they go door-to-door, to tell residents about an air purifier, the product they sell. Part of their sales pitch includes a survey, which is what they were doing last week on Orchard Mesa.

They said they have done this plenty of times and aren't sure why people were so wary this time around.

“The difference between us and somebody else that could potentially be a scam and something you should look out for, is that we're always going to leave information, and we're going to introduce ourselves as representatives of Grand Valley Air,” said Brittany Ruland, Grand Valley Air LLC.

Tips from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office to ensure you're answering a legitimate sales call when someone comes knocking on your door is to always ask for identification, know that you don't have to answer and don't let unknown people inside your home. If you feel unsafe or unsure at any time, call law enforcement.