Dog reunited with family after car accident

Published: Feb. 6, 2020 at 6:09 PM MST
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After a car accident on I-70 near the Mack exit, a mom and her son walked away safely, but their dog Zeus, who was traveling with them, ran off scared.

Thanks to the community, he's been reunited with family.

"So we were coming back from Cortez, Colorado, and he had been sleeping in the front seat next to me and he got spooked and jumped in my lap. When he jumped in my lap the car went off the road,” says the owner of Zeus.

Worried, they posted on a lost and found page on Facebook. That's where a dog trainer at "Ruff Around the Edges" comes in to help look for him.

"Where this dog was lost at was kind of the wild frontier. The area was just like a bowl, a little triangle of predators out there,” says Ruff Around the Edges Lance Ferguson.

It was day seven of searching for the dog. On top of the cold weather, and sightings of coyote footprints, the dog was wearing his leash. They feared it would get caught on something, leaving Zeus trapped.

"And then he would be left to not have shelter and water, or you know an easy prey for predators,” said Ferguson.

But the leash left a trail in the snow, leading them right to Zeus.

"And I just screamed oh my God, there's my dog. There he is there he is,” exclaims Zeus’s Owner.

"I was always scared about that leash being on the dog, but that leash was also what saved the dog,” says Ferguson.

Zeus went to the vet for a check up. He has frostbite and a sunburn but the family says he is doing fine.

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