Two women speak out after both claim dogs died at daycare

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- An investigation is underway into Bark's Play and Stay after a woman claims her dog died at the business.

Makaylee Cloud says her dog Frankie was killed by another dog at the daycare boarding facility on February 6, 2020.
"It's so hard to go through. Like I said it was daycare. This should have never happened," says Cloud.
Cloud says after it happened she received mixed answers from Bark’s as to how Frankie died. Cloud says the autopsy reportedly shows that Cloud’s dog was bitten in the neck and died of neck trauma.

But now, another customer is saying that her dog also died at Bark’s. Stacey Wilson says her dog Keno was killed at Bark's back in July of 2019. Wilson says she boarded Keno and her other dog Cam while on a vacation.

She says Bark's employees told her that Keno was attacked by her silver lab Cam over food. But she says they later changed the explanation: "Blamed it on Cam again but said 'we had a lot of dogs in the facility, I think Cam got anxious, there was a lot of barking going on, a lot of commotion going on and I think that Keno was barking a lot and Cam thought she was hurt. And so Cam tried a defense mechanism and was protecting her’," Wilson explains.

Wilson says that Bark’s staff did take Keno to an emergency vet clinic after she was attacked.

After Wilson received the vet notes from the emergency center, she says that Barks had allegedly reported to the vet after the attack that Keno was mauled by a husky:

"[It said that] The dog was mauled, shook to death and was brought in with multiple white wounds from a husky. When I asked her (Barks owner) about the emergency vet notes she said that it was all made up. That there was no way that that happened, there's no way anyone has said any of that stuff," says Wilson.

Wilson reports that Barks also paid for the emergency vet and cremation services.
Both Wilson and Cloud say they just want to see change from the daycare.
"It's something that needs to be brought to light and what is going to be done?" says Cloud.
"All I wanted was for this not to happen again and it’s less than a year later and it’s already happened again," says Wilson.

The initial report reads as follows:

An investigation is underway into a local dog daycare facility after a woman claims her dog died at the business.

The owner of the dog claims she is a regular customer at Bark's Play and Stay, and up until this month, she never had any problems with the business.

She says her dog was killed by another dog on February 6th, but she never got a straight answer on how it happened.

We talked to Bark's today, and they said it happened when one dog pounced on other.

They say they rushed the dog to the vet themselves, but it was too late.

They have since paid the dog's medical bills and expressed condolences, and the business says the reported the incident right after it happened.

"We have nothing to defend, but we are happy to share the facts of this unfortunate event, and let people know we are a safe place for dogs," said owner Danielle Dyer.

Bark's also said they paid for a necropsy for the dog.

We reached out to PACFA, which is the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act program, and they confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into this situation, and it was reported by Bark’s.

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