Doctor: Norwood girls likely died of dehydration, malnourishment

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TELLURIDE, Colo. (AP)-- The doctor who conducted autopsies on two girls found dead on a southwestern Colorado farm says it's "quite likely" they died of dehydration, malnourishment and hyperthermia.

Forensic pathologist Michael Benziger testified in court in Telluride Wednesday during a hearing to determine whether the girls' mother, Nashika Bramble, the owner of the Norwood farm, Frederick Blair, and a woman described as the "spiritual leader" of a small group living there, Madani Ceus, will stand trial.

The Telluride Daily Planet reported that Benzinger can't definitively say how 10-year-old Makayla Roberts and 8-year-old Hannah Marshall died because their bodies were in such poor condition when they were found in September.

Investigators say a person living on the farm told them Ceus ordered the children kept in a car without food or water for days.


Information from: Telluride Daily Planet

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