Mitsch Bush confident she can unseat Congressman Tipton

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Congressional candidate Diane Mitsch Bush says when it comes to running against a Republican in a relatively conservative district, she's unphased.

"I think I can win because I build trust with people," she said. "I look people in the eye and I say 'what do you need, what do you want, why? Help me understand.' And then I can help create policies that help you, your business, your family, your community. That's not being done now."

She hosted a fundraiser in Grand Junction Monday to share with people what she stands for and talk about her campaign for Congress. She talked about her platforms like conserving land, protecting agriculture and making sure energy development is balanced.

She says even in a traditionally conservative area, she's confident she can take the seat from Congressman Scott Tipton with the help of unaffiliated voters.

"Unaffiliateds are the plurality in this district and I've always won in districts like that," Bush said.

Tipton has been the U.S. Representative for the third congressional district since 2010.

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