Colorado Department of Health approves Delta County variance

DELTA, Colo. (KJCT)-- Delta County confirmed that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment approved the variance that was submitted on Monday, May 11.

The partial opening opportunities offered by this local variance are completely voluntary; any businesses that choose to reopen must do so under the following guidelines.

Restaurants and Dining Rooms

Restaurants shall limit the number of customers seated at interior dining spaces to 30% of the occupancy rate as dictated by fire code.

Bars will remain closed including those that are a part of restaurants. No guests are permitted in the bar area.

Customers are not permitted to wait in the lobby area or form a line to wait for a table. Restaurants should consider a reservation-only business model.

Any exterior seating must adhere to the same social distancing and cleaning/sanitizing guidelines. Group party size is limited to six (6) members of single household. All restaurant and dining room playground shall remain closed.

Fitness Facilities

Facility access restricted to staffed hours only and occupancy will be limited to maintain 6 ft. social distancing with no more than 30% of occupancy capacity per exercise room as dictated by fire code.

Social Distancing guidelines must be implemented. Showers, locker rooms, and lockers will remain closed until further notice. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas will remain closed.

Basketball courts, racquetball courts, will remain closed, as well as any other places where formal or informal group team sports occur. Cardio machines usage restricted and based on social distancing guidelines.

Youth and adult leagues/sports should remain closed. Customers should be screened for illness upon entry into a facility.

Places of Worship

Places of worship may have up to 30% of occupancy rate as dictated by the fire code but no greater than 50 participants. A minimum of 6 ft. in distance must be maintained at all times seated or standing.

Participants should be questioned as to COVID-19 symptoms; if symptomatic they must refrain from attending, and self-isolate for 7-10 days.

For the full Delta County Public Health Order 2020-01 and variance guidelines please visit:

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