Delta City Council won’t censure mayor

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Earlier this week Delta City Council had plans to censure their mayor, but after a meeting on Jan. 8, they decided not to.

The planning commissioner said mayor Ron Austin was making decisions that benefited his personal interests, saying he unethically tried to get financial support on a city project, specifically to build a water park.

Mayor Austin planned on asking for two weeks to prepare a statement, instead he read one at yesterday's meeting apologizing for his actions. The letter in part said, "If my fellow council members choose to follow through with this resolution, I will accept it."

None of the council made a motion to approve or deny the resolution, so they didn't go through with the vote.

"This was a catalyst for the entire delta city council to come together and work towards the future, work for the benefit for our community. And, it was unfortunate that all of this happened, but as a catalyst, I am thankful and grateful that it did,” says Delta Mayor Ron Austin.

Austin will remain Mayor, unless voted out in the April Elections. He has decided to step down from his board member position with the Delta County Economic Development.

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