De Beque High School In-Person Graduation

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DE BEQUE, Colo (KJCT)- De Beque High School celebrated their senior class on May 15th... but not with a parade or virtually, but with an in-person ceremony.

With thorough consideration of their graduating class of 8 students, the school decided to hold the in-person ceremony at the school.

A total of 48 people were in attendance, including two staff members.

The school said they followed all state and local guidelines-- likening the ceremony's rules to the same ones that apply to places of worship.

"With less than 50 people, after having gone through a significant health screening process, before and then the day off, which included: questionnaires, invitation tickets, and temperature checks at the door,” says Dustin Sandidge, school board president, De Beque Joint District No. 49.

Masks and social distancing were required throughout the ceremony.

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