Day 20: Government shutdown taking a toll on TSA, BLM, & Forest Service

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- If the government stays shut, this Friday's will be the first paychecks federal employees won't see.

TSA workers are part of the group, including those at the Grand Junction Regional Airport.

They are still at work, protecting our airways, but with no pay.

The Transportation Security Administration told us in a statement:

“Security standards remain uncompromised at our nation’s airports. As the current lapse in funding continues, we want to echo the sentiments of industry, the traveling public and TSA leadership who are proud of and thankful for the more than 51,000 officers across the country who remain focused on the mission. We are humbled by the acts of kindness and support from industry and the public, who clearly recognize and admire our officers’ efforts. Together, TSA will continue to conduct the critical work necessary to secure the nation’s transportation systems. Not on our watch.”

The Grand Junction Regional Airport says they will be having a little appreciation day for their TSA employees.

One small way to say thank you and we appreciate you. They'll be buying food for everyone.

The Bureau of Land Management and National Forest Service also affected.

"We are a repository for BLM and Forest Service,” said Erin Schmitz, curator of collections and archives for the Museums of Western Colorado.

Local museums work closely with federal employees, but for the past three weeks, their desks remain empty.

"Archeological repositories as well as overseeing some paleontological sites and housing paleontological discoveries that are made on this half of the mountain,” said Schmitz.

As a way to help soften the blow, the Museums of Western Colorado, Dinosaur Journey and 21 other locations across the state are opening their doors free of charge, for federal workers and their families.

"This is our way of offering something back to them for all of the assistance they have given us over the years,” said Schmitz.

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