'Dan's Vans' needs your help supporting ALS patients

Published: Apr. 26, 2019 at 8:44 PM MDT
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A family impacted by ALS got a $1 wheelchair accessible van from a group best known as "Dan's Vans" Friday.

ALS impacts mobility, and often times people who are diagnosed with ALS are given a short time to live. That makes getting a wheelchair accessible van difficult.

"There's no way that our family could have ever afforded a van like this on our own, it just wouldn't have happened," Karen Hansen, the daughter of the woman who got the van Friday, said.

When Tom Keenan's brother, Dan, was put in that situation, his family found a way to buy him one of those vans.

When Dan passed away, he asked his brother and sister to make sure the van went to good use. That's why the group sells the vans for $1 to a family in need.

"We'll keep doing it as long as we have the vans and if we come up with other vans we'll continue to do it but right now our goal is to keep these two running," Tom Keenan, Dan's brother, said.

They need your help to make sure that happens. If you are interested in donating to "Dan's Vans" you can bring a check to the Hilltop administration offices.