D51 undoes much of Haptonstall's administration reorganization

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- District 51 announced cuts to staff positions and salaries at a special meeting Tuesday night.

"We did feel like we had to make some tough decisions because the cost of the reorganization was well beyond what we felt was reasonable. And so, we needed to make those reductions," interim superintendent for District 51, Diana Sirko, said.

It was announced that five positions will be eliminated in total, along with salary reductions and freezes. That will bring the restructuring cost from nearly a million dollars to almost $250,000.

"Another next step, is really, for the positions that we're eliminating, is figure out what positions pick up those tasks," Sirko said.

The District is working to fix the staff reorganization that former superintendent Ken Haptonstall put into place last year. It ultimately led to his removal from the position.

Now, interim superintendent Diana Sirko is trying to get everyone back on track, that means undoing a good chunk of what Haptonstall promised his staff.

"They went a little quicker than was probably possible," Sirko said. "There's always a tension between getting something done and getting it right, and I think we can see why sometimes you gotta go a little bit slower to go fast."

The move is certainly disappointing to those who were promised new jobs and raises, but it's also ensuring taxpayers wallets don't take a hit.

"I would like to see some of that money be used not necessarily for more positions, but I just want to see that go back into the classroom," Kaci Winemiller, a District 51 resident, said.

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