D-51 allows parents, guardians to administer medical marijuana to students on campus

Published: Aug. 7, 2018 at 4:25 PM MDT
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School leaders approve a new policy involving medical marijuana on campuses. The school board for District 51 voted on the issue during their meeting Tuesday night.

Under the new policy, parents or guardians would have to show their medical marijuana card and let the school know when they plan on giving the drug and how. The policy says the drug cannot be smokable, and anything other than an oil would have to be discussed with administrators.

“This just gives us a guideline so that we can meet the needs of kids and parents but provide safety," said Tanya Marvin the coordinator for the district's nursing services.

The district said they didn’t really have a district-wide policy in place beforehand.

The district said they aren't sure how many kids actually take medical marijuana because they haven't been able to regulate it. Under the new policy, school staff would not be allowed to administer marijuana to students.

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