D51 school improvement plans

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 10:47 PM MST
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Tuesday night at the D51 school board meeting, talk of improvement. Central High, Bookcliff middle and West middle discussed plans for school and student success.

“We try to figure out something that is in our control that we can change,” says Bookcliff principal, Tim Butterfield. Butterfield says they’ve seen a decline trend on student CMAS scores compared to previous years, and stress could be factor.

“Our science trends were a little bit flat they were kind of up and down. But the science test is new so it’s hard to measure that. And then the ELA trends have been a little bit declining,”

Now with more computers available in the building, Butterfield says students will be able to take fewer tests per day, looking at better results and less stress.

“If I have kids who are tired at that point, they are not going to do as well. And if I put four tests in a day, they are going to burnout just like we would in our jobs,” says Butterfield.

West middle school is working to address trauma and grief in their students. They are cooperating with their MTSS team to keep data about occurring incidents.

Central’s big focus is on attendance. Though rates weren’t necessarily low, principal Lanc Sellden says that they can improve.

“[We’re] trying to help communicate with parents and just holding kids accountable. If they aren’t going to be in class, there’s things tied to it,” says Sellden.

Explaining if they aren’t in class, they aren’t learning.

“If you were to coordinate a student’s failure rate in high school compared to their attendance, they go hand in hand. So if you want students to be successful the first thing you do is you have to have them there,” says Sellden.