D51 reconsiders graduation options after backlash about drive-thru graduation possibility

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- After a lot of backlash about the possibility of doing a drive-thru graduation, D51 is going back to the drawing board to see what their options are.

A change of course after parents and students flooded D51 emails with complaints about graduation.

“These kids deserve as close to a traditional graduation as they can possibly get, they’ve lost out on so many milestones, memories, that they’re never going to get back,” says one D51 Parent.

The district throwing out ideas for an Air Force Academy Styled Ceremony, and a traditional graduation with limited people. But in a press conference Wednesday seemed to lean more towards a Drive-thru style graduation.

“Well I think if they are going to do the drive-thru graduation, then we should just do the graduation on time, with the restrictions that we have in place now,” one parent said.

With plans that law enforcement would direct traffic as family and friends wait and watch the ceremony in their cars.

One parent suggesting using Stocker Stadium while taking precaution

“Even for the biggest class, they can have four guest per graduate and still social distance with masks and everything, it’s still very doable,” one parent said.

And says she hopes that the district comes up with the best possible option to celebrate seniors.

Officials say they will continue to look at the options, and have a decision by their original date, June 22.