D-51 hires former FBI agent to investigate salary restructuring

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Local parent Whyllie Frazier is enrolling her son, Mylo, for kindergarten in Mesa County School District 51.

"I feel like the teachers are underfunded," said Frazier.

Their start doesn’t come without concerns, especially with the school board announcing an investigation into its recent salary restructuring.

"It makes me nervous,” said Frazier. “I feel like there's tons of drama involving the school system as is."

The school board has hired Jane Quimby, a former FBI agent, and instructor at the Grand Junction Police Academy.

"There appears to have been some mistakes made," said Doug Levinson, D51 School Board member. "Information given out that appeared to not have been accurate in terms of the amount of the pay increases."

The district said Quimby will be look in how the new structure was developed.

"We just want to find out how we got to where we are," said Tom Parrish, the district school board president.

The board doesn’t believe there was any illegal activity or anything done with malice. Members of the school board said they didn't know how much the pay increases would be.

"As a board, I don't believe any of us were aware of the scale and the scope of these raises," said Levinson.

The pay increases will ultimately come out of taxpayers' wallets.

"We're not proud, and as a board, we should have known. I think if we would've known we wouldn't be here today," said Levinson.

The board doesn't know how much the investigation will cost but it will also be paid for by taxpayers.

"I haven't really talked about the cost yet," said Parrish.

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