Crawford cowgirl ropes her way into American Idol

CRAWFORD, Colo. American Idol is in its final season. There's been a lot of talent over the years but perhaps none like western Colorado teen Jeneve Mitchell.

While the Crawford, Colorado fiddler may have been voted off, she won over the hearts of the judges with her personality and signature yodel to make it to the Top 14.

She’s being called a country star in the making.

"I don't think anyone expected me to get that far because I've never been in any kind of situation like that-- I live on a mountain!" said Mitchell.

Even though she was voted out of the Top 14 on American Idol, the taste of the Hollywood life is still fresh.

"I felt like I was just surrounded by famous people. I went to the In N' Out burger store for the first time,” said Mitchell. “That was awesome."

In fact, the high school sophomore is still in shock.

"Oh my God. It's so cool to talk about,” said Mitchell.

She’s not the only one feeling like she’s in a dream. Her parents and friends also can’t believe her success.

"She is unique and she is different,” said Jeneve’s father Tim Mitchell. "She believes in, not only her roots, but the roots of American music. She has a depth and a passion for music that I've almost never seen in anybody."

It took her parents eight years to conceive. Coincidentally, it was at the age of eight Jeneve first discovered fiddle music; the music she loves to play. Her passion eventually took her to Hollywood to be judged by the likes of Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez.

"I was really freaking out; like completely freaking out but as soon as I stepped in front of them I got all calm for some reason. That's just how I get when I perform,” said Mitchell.

As far as her favorite performance of the season, that was an easy pick.

"In the Arms of the Angel by Sarah McLachlan was my favorite song. I really connected with that song because the morning I had to perform it my grandpa died so I felt like he was definitely there in spirit,” said Mitchell.

Even after her time at American Idol; after experiencing all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, she says she's still a country girl at heart.

"I sing to the horses all the time,” added Jeneve.

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