Bill would allow people with legal firearms to conceal without permit

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow a person who legally has a handgun to conceal it when they're out in a public without a permit.

The bill was approved this week in the state Senate.

If passed, it would not allow concealed carry on school grounds.

Republican Senator Tim Neville is the prime sponsor of the bill. He represents areas in Boulder, Jefferson, Summit, Grand, Gilpin, and. Clear Creek counties.

On the Senate floor, he said a disarmed nation is a nation of sheep waiting to be led to slaughter. Some Mesa County residents agree,

"I'm okay with 21 but we reserve the right to carry a gun and it's not just for our own personal protection," said Gale Redin.

Democrats say the permit is there for people to demonstrate competence with a handgun before carrying. They say all citizens should be required to get a background check before they can conceal carry.

The bill moves on to the house.

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