Conserve by watering at night, city officials say

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- City officials say watering your yard at night will save you money and help your grass look lush and green.

Parks and Rec officials said this is the best time to water not just the city parks, but also residential yards.

The sprinklers at Lincoln park usually start after midnight and run though 4 a.m., allowing the water to soak in over night.

"Whatever the plant takes up during the day, it's evaporating the moisture out to keep us cool and everything else at night," park supervisor, Eddie Mort said. "We have a computer program that monitors that and then we put that water back on during the night to keep it green and lush like it is right now."

The time spent watering each section varies based on those calculations.

Mort said some nights may only need 30 minutes and others up to one hour based on weather conditions.

He said watering after 6 a.m. can commonly lead to the spread of diseases.

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