Concerns over horses hooves

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Some viewers reached out with some concerns about horses that are used for carriage rides in Palisade.

Residents say they are worried that the horses' hooves have not been taken care of, but the company that owns the horses, Absolute Prestige Limousine Service, says there is no reason to panic.

One man says he grew up around horses, and was shocked to see their hooves in the condition that they were in.

While the company admits the hooves were a little overdue for some maintenance, they say the horses felt no pain, and are taken care of on a regular basis.

"These horses are working really hard on asphalt without any shoes, and obviously their hooves aren't properly cared for," said Palisade resident, Cody Cass.

"We've used horseshoes a lot in the past, but unless you are using the horses on a regular basis, I've been assured there is no need for that," said Owner of Absolute Prestige Limousine, Shirleen Hutton.

"Cracks up in the toe on draft horses, are honestly pretty normal. It happens. And it rarely causes a problem," said unaffiliated Horse Farrier, Matt Rice.

The company says the horses will only do carriage rides for a handful of events in Palisade this summer, and the horses' hooves are maintained every six to eight weeks.

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