Competitive shooters participate in skills course

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- They aren't real outlaws, but every couple of weeks a group of competitors from the Outlaw Pistol League who meet at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club to take their best shot.

It's a friendly competition. The course is designed like a real-world scenario.

"There's a lot of people here that'll teach them and take them under their wing," Lincoln Pogge, participant, said.

From beginners to experts, this league is for everyone.

"I've always been competitive. So, I thought it'd be a good chance to see where I was as far as shooting," Doug Simon, participant, said.

"Usually don't find out what they are until we get here," Pogge said.

For this scenario, participants had to get out of a car, shoot three targets and then set up behind a wooden car, hitting targets without their "hands" up.

"It's just fun," Simon said. "I mean, it puts you in the moment, you gotta focus. I mean you can't really be thinking about other things."

For some, it might be an escape.

"You just feel more alive when you're in the moment," Simon said.

But for Simon, it's just pure fun.

"I always kind of went shooting, but not as much," Simon said.

That was until he was racing dirt bikes in 2012 out at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway.

"Just made a mistake, crashed and broke my T-7, so it paralyzed me from like the chest down pretty much," Simon said

Now he shoots pistols more.

"It's crazy what your mind does and how it's able to adapt and you just gotta go forward and you just kind of do it," Simon said. "It's just different it's not like it's bad."

This is his second time trying the Outlaw League.

"Hopefully they're not going to make me actually get out of the car because that's going to be a big disadvantage," Simon said.

Simon completed the course and for his second time, he did pretty well.

"I'm not trying to escape or get my mind off anything," Simon said. "I've got to face it head on, and you know you can only run from something for so long you just gotta face it."

Times are based on accuracy and the time it takes to complete the "mission." Participants can be docked with extra seconds if they don't follow the specific directions for that stage. Simon completed his round in about 40 seconds.

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