Community members clean Veterans stones

Published: Oct. 12, 2019 at 3:55 PM MDT
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Veteran’s Day is next month and community members wanted to get a head start on honoring those who served by cleaning old stones at the Orchard Mesa Veterans Cemetery.

Over 20 people met at the veteran’s cemetery to help clean stones, many of which had quite a bit of dirt and grime on them.

Officials say they will clean at least 300 stones.

To clean the stones they spray them down with water and a D-2 Cleaner. They wait about fifteen minutes and then scrub the stones.

“Just as a thank you, they’ve sacrificed so much. So, it’s up to us as the community to make sure and always take care of them. Even if they have no family around, they’ve done so much for us,” says Snyder Grand Valley Memorials LaRee Rath.

Some of the stones were from those in the civil war, and some were newly placed.

They hope to clean 800 stones by Veteran’s Day.