Community chimes in about possible sales tax increase to fund public safety, roads

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Grand Junction is looking towards a sales tax increase this April to fund public safety and roads. The ballot language is still in the works, but the city is wasting no time getting the word out to voters.

It all stems from the need for three new fire stations, additional employees at the police department and infrastructure updates.

"We are investing and adding resources to these functions, these core municipal services, but it's not enough,” Greg Caton, Grand Junction City Manager, said during a public session Thursday night.

Some who attended that public session says safety is a big issue that they want to be fixed.

"Somebody in my family was lost, with Alzheimer’s, and I called the police and they didn't come," Molly Ryan, an attendee of that meeting, said. "I looked and looked for two hours and nobody came to help me."

Others are concerned about our roads.

“Transportation on Patterson gets a little clogged at times,” Trisa Mannion, another attendee, said.

The big question is are you willing to pay for it?

Some say that's an easy yes: "I think it's a great thing for Grand Junction to upgrade and do what we need to do to make our city a safer place,” Lewis Baker, attendee, said.

Others say no: "I'm worried that it will push businesses outside of the city limits,” Mannion said. “I'm also worried that people will go to online sales rather than purchasing locally and I think our economy is dependent on local entrepreneurs that can't absorb that kind of a sales tax."

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