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PALISADE, Colo. (KJCT) -- Colorado Proud month kicked off on August 1, celebrating food and agricultural products that are grown, raised, or processed here in Colorado.

Palisade’s Z’s Orchard has been growing quality products on their 20 acres for 40 years.

“We won't sell sub-standard products—to us it's more about quality," said Z’s Orchard farmer Charle Thibodeau.

Z’s Orchard grows tons of fruits and vegetables daily. Of course, their most popular fruit probably won’t surprise you— the Palisade peach,

"It's definitely a lot of work to produce a quality peach, not a little small one, but a nice 2 ¾ or 3 inch peach for the public to have," said Z’s Orchard co-owner Richard Skaer.

According to Colorado Proud’s website, Z’s Orchard is just one of 35,000 farms in Colorado, encompassing more than 31 million acres making up nearly half the state’s total land area.

While Z’s Orchard focuses on top-notch products, it’s also important to support local businesses.

"Agriculture in this valley is one of the major income producers for our economy here in Mesa County," said Skaer.

Events will take place all over the state throughout August. For more information go to the link on the right side of the page.

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