City Council meeting sparks tension

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- A comment that city council member Phillip Pe’a at a public meeting made has left many people in the community upset.

In a meeting he said, “I didn’t know whether to bring my glock in the building with me or not," in wake of a June 3rd protest.

“This whole thing has nothing to do with the protest, absolutely zero to do with the protest, it happens to do with the way we do our jobs at city council, the protocol, the procedures that are needed,” Council Member Phillip Pe’a.

Pe’a said at a June 3rd meeting, fellow council member Anna Stout invited protestors with no warning, saying when he arrived to the meeting, he noticed heightened police presence and it caught him by surprise.

“I should never feel that threatened to come to work, and I felt threatened,” Pe’a said.

But some folks didn’t see it that way.

“Council members felt uncomfortable with us voicing our opinion for 30 minutes, like 30 minutes maybe an hour and a half or so, I’ve been uncomfortable for 25 years,” Concerned Citizen Antonio Clark says.

Pe’a and Stout getting into a heated discussion, Stout saying that a public meeting doesn’t warrant notice but regardless, an email saying protestors were expected was sent out.

“I think the takeaway from all of this is our citizens have a right to be present, they have a right to be heard,” Council Member Anna Stout says.

“This had to do with the protocol on how we address things as council, not the movement,” Pe’a says.