Crowned Chloe's from Colorado compete in Miss USA pageants

Published: May. 17, 2018 at 3:39 PM MDT
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Over the next few days, two local women will be representing our state on the national catwalk.

Friday, Fruita’s Chloe Zambrano will compete in the Miss Teen USA pageant, then on Monday, Grand Junction's Chloe Brown is looking to take the crown of Miss USA.

They're the quintessential girls next door.

“[I] like to be outdoors, swimming, hiking, fishing,” Zambrano

“I was a three-sport varsity athlete,” Brown

But Chloe Zambrano and Chloe Brown are state royalty. They’re Miss Teen Colorado USA, and Miss Colorado USA.

“I think it's such a great opportunity,” said Brown.

“I'm hoping for the best,” said Zambrano.

Sure, their style, grace, and beauty are evident, but there is more than meets the eye to these two talented ladies.

“I'm still the same exact person as everyone else I go to school with,” said Zambrano.

The Chloe from Fruita grew up dancing, and decided to compete for Miss Teen Colorado just weeks before the 2016 pageant.

“I was so blind to what I was doing so I was kind of just winging it,” said Chloe Zambrano.

She hid her inexperience well, finishing runner-up. The next year, she won it all.

“I was so shaky and so excited because my life had changed forever,” she said.

Then, she used her newfound fame to volunteer all around the state, helping kids with disabilities. It’s something close to her heart, Zambrano is hoping to go to college to become an ABA Therapist.

The same night Zambrano won, former Miss Teen USA winner Chloe Brown of Grand Junction won Miss USA.

“I loved it. It was so cool,” she said.

Brown graduated from high school at 16. Right away, she got into the medical field. Brown was a competitive athlete who switched from the hardwood to the runway after an injury.

Her love of pageants and of medicine has taken new meaning recently.

“My dad is actually battling cancer,” said Brown. “He's had a bone marrow transplant and a lot of chemotherapy. So I think being in and out hospital has struck something with that, in my heart and anything in the medical industry.”

The experience has made for a special bond not only between father and daughter.

“When he is at the hospital he is always cheering me on,” said Brown.

But between the two beauty queens as well.

“Watch the Miss USA pageant to watch my Miss Chloe Brown win!” said Zambrano.

They’ve traveled together, and workout together. Brown says Zambrano has become like her little sister.

Now there is one question left to be answered, are they dreaming of becoming Miss USA?

“Absolutely, this is great practice doing interviews like this, doing volunteer events, traveling across the state, it's like walking the walk and talking the talk of Miss USA,” said Brown.

“I would love to take home that crown just as much as every other girl would,” said Zambrano.

Two Grand Valley women, ready to transform from girl next door, to national icons. Both say they hope to inspire every young woman, regardless of level, to be confident and compete.

The Miss Teen USA competition begins Friday at 3 p.m. our time on


Miss USA starts at 6 p.m. mountain time, but it will air on a one-hour tape delay in Grand Junction beginning at 7 p.m. mountain on Fox.