Certain fire pits are not permitted

Published: Jul. 2, 2020 at 9:27 PM MDT
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Mesa County entered Stage 1 fires restrictions last week because of the dry heat and wind. With those conditions, fire pits can be dangerous.

A pit that has a permanent structure like metal, concrete, or stone rings are okay. Propane bar-b-que’s and chimineas' are okay to use as well. But here is what isn't allowed.

"Things that have like a rock ring around it or it’s just a hole dug out in the ground, obviously bonfires and open burning. Because they can get so big and because of the way their embers are allowed to fly. If it were to catch a spark, it’s ability to catch fire and then get out of control is really high," says Ellis Thompson-Ellis, GJFD.

If you plan on using any fire pits this holiday weekend, be sure they are at least 15 feet apart from any structures including fences.