Celebrating National Ice Cream Day with Enstrom's

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 11:00 AM MDT
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National Ice Cream Day is July 21, and there is no need to scream, as Enstrom’s has plenty of ice cream!

Though Enstrom’s is famous for their toffee, the candy company offers a variety of chilly treats.

Trisha, the store’s ice cream maker, has three desserts in particular that might make your summer just a bit sweeter.

The mojito fizzy berry drink is made with the store’s homemade mojito sherbet, which has fresh squeezed lemon-lime juice. Club soda is added to the sherbet and mixed together. It is then topped off with some whipped cream, because what’s a shake without whip cream?

When you think of a sundae, you might not think of using rocky road ice cream, but Enstrom’s thought it was a good idea. The rocky road sundae has marshmallow pieces that are made in house, along with their butterscotch caramel topping which is extra gooey. The sundae is finished with a swirl of whip cream and rainbow sprinkles for a touch of color, and of course, flavor.

The candy store also keeps its toffee lover pie in stock at all times. It starts with a graham shell, filled with their famous toffee lover’s ice cream, and topped with toffee pieces.

National Ice Cream Day only happens once a year and you can celebrate it with one of these scrumptious options.