Kids, cars and the cold

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- With the winter weather comes the struggles of getting into a cold car -- none of us like to do it -- but Colorado State Patrol is reminding you that if you turn your car on, and leave it unattended, you can get a ticket for puffing.

"You cannot leave your car unattended unless it has a remote start access," said Glen Hunter, a trooper with Colorado State Patrol.

Not only could you get a ticket -- but your car could get stolen too.
CSP is also reminding people not to stick their kids in car seats wearing large winter jackets.

Now, this seems like a problem. How do you keep your kids warm if you can't start your car in advance and they can't wear a jacket?

"We at State Patrol always suggest stay with your vehicle, get it warmed up, turn the car off, go back in, get your kid, place them in the car, start it back up and head out on your way," Hunter said.

Additionally, you can place a blanket on the child after they have been properly restrained.

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