CMU 20,000 project hopes to make students feel welcomed

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A new partnership between local businesses and Colorado Mesa University welcomes students back in hopes to strengthen the economy with student dollars.

Local businesses are needed to help support and welcome Colorado students returning back to the Grand Valley.

Led by Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce, the CMU 20,000 project wants to make students feel welcomed by the community.

“CMU is a huge economic driver here in the Grand Valley and we appreciate the students that are here because they do spend money in the community while they are here,” said membership director at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Trisha Martinez.

In 2015, roughly 9,500 students at CMU brought in $450 million dollars into the community.

Flyers and window badges are being distributed to willing shops around town who want to support students and encourage more to come check out CMU.

“I’m out visiting members and delivering door clings that say we are CMU. We are hoping that we get as many of these out as possible this week so that when the students come back next week they know the community is behind them and that we support CMU,” said Martinez .”

Shops around town are offering everything from 40 percent student discounts to haircut promotions. All you need is a valid student ID.

“You can tell the difference when they get out for summer, our sales kind of drop down and as soon as they come back in they go way back up, because let’s face it a lot of students are turning 21 in schools and like to have parties on the weekend,” said Balloons Plus owner Steve Katz.

Helping students feel welcome and encouraging more to come is the main goal.

“We need to show them that support, as well as we are all there for each other. They have our back we have their back. We need to be there for each other and it needs to be apparent it’s good to hear and to see people. We all know that people need help but it’s good to be there and show it, said barber at Berkley’s Upper Cuts Joseph Valdez.

If you want your business to be involved, go to the Chamber of Commerce and pick up and information packet and window sticker.

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