CMAS test scores show improvement in D51 classrooms

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT News)-- CMAS test scores were released on Thursday, showing overall success in District 51 classrooms.

“It’s actually pretty good because we prepared for it and made sure we knew how to do it,” says student, Landon Greager.

The scores released were at the state level, with a summary of data of the district as a whole. The most notable growth was among all sub-groups of students, meaning all genders, races, ethnicity and grade levels of students improved in score.

“Sometimes you’ll see that in some subject areas, one gender exceeds another and vice versa, depending upon the subject area,” says Superintendent, Diana Sirko.

Language Arts was a strong category for D51, with growth in all grades that were tested.

“As a district we’re at 49 and the state average is 50,” says Sirko.

Scores were comparable to the state average, staying consistent with previous years.

“It’s nice to see those gains and it’s validation that we’re on the right track,” says Sirko.

And some students are hoping to see good scores, saying their preparation paid off.

“Actually kind of made a bit more sense of how to do it. So it actually did help,” says Greager.

D51 officials say there are ongoing initiatives to further increase student achievement on this test, including new learning materials and professional development.

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