CDOT's Bustang service will come to Grand Junction this summer

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The Colorado Department of Transportation will be expanding their bus services to right here in the Grand Valley. CDOT's Bustang service is coming to Grand Junction and more areas this summer.

CDOT started the program to alleviate traffic congestion on Interstate 70 and other roadways around the state. Their service has been making its way West, and now it'll be coming to Grand Junction.

The route will be daily and come from Denver early in the morning, stopping in Grand Junction around noon.

"Currently the logistics are that the Bustang buses will run out of the same line the Greyhound bus has been running, but it will be our branded buses," said Tracy Trulove, CDOT.

CDOT has been subsidizing a Greyhound route from Grand Junction to Denver, meaning they've been paying Greyhound to have the route.

"CDOT wanted to provide a route at that time, which again is 12:50 p.m., for more access for customers to travel between those two cities," said Lanesha Gipson, Spokesperson for Greyhound.

That route has been costing CDOT $260,000 a year in federal transit dollars, but now that's history.

"That schedule is being subsidized right now, and CDOT will no longer subsidize that route come June 2018," said Gipson.

After the subsidizing ends in June, CDOT will open their Bustang service on July 1, and that means Greyhound might end their 12:50 line to Denver.

"We're considering eliminating that route because it will no longer be subsidized, and there's low customer volume," said Gipson.

CDOT is expanding their Bustang Outrider services to more than just Grand Junction on July 1 as well. There will be a Bustang Outrider from Gunnison and Alamosa to Denver this summer.

CDOT said they plan to reallocate that $260,000 they've been giving to Greyhound to other projects around the state. Greyhound will still have their regular routes to Salt Lake and their two routes to Denver at 1:10 p.m. and 2:15 a.m.

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