Bullying: A community problem in schools

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Students and parents are speaking out on the issue of bullying in District 51.

The district is taking steps to hold schools accountable to report bullying.

They will require individual schools to complete an investigation checklist when bullying is reported, but officials say long term solutions need to start at home, not at school.

Parents want school staff to take more action but also say some parents aren't doing enough.

Some parents say kids' phones need to be monitored more closely, and point to technology as a reason for bullying in schools.

But both sides realize individually, they can only do so much, and want to see the community come together to stop it.

"I think us as parents, there are so many of us that care, that we need to step up our game, and help them out more,” said Orchard Mesa Middle School Parent, Brooke Lucas.

"Research and best practice has shown that a bullying curriculum isn't necessarily what inflicts change. It's the whole culture of a school,” said District 51 Mental Health and Crisis Coordinator, Kati Garner.

D51 encourages students and parents to use the Safe2Tell line if they have issues with bullying at school, and they also have a bullying tab on their website.

Here are the links for both of those sites:


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