Board members discuss possible next steps for GJHS

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT News)-- It’s been nearly two months since measure 4A was struck down. Part of the measure looked to rebuild Grand Junction High School.

Grand Junction High is now turning 64 this year.

The school board is now figuring out where to go next.

“We’re still gravely concerned about the safety and welfare of our students across the entire system,” says Superintendent Dr. Diana Sirko. “The needs have certainly not reduced in any manner. They probably have increased, if not, because people’s awareness is so much greater now around the overall condition of the school,”

On Tuesday night members made it clear that some of the fixes at the school are immediate. Security and safety staff expressed fear over the possibility of a roof collapse.

“That section of roof is a real concern to us because of the age. If we get a roof failure then we might have an Asbestos spill,” says Director of Maintenance and Operations, Eric Nilsen.

Safety officials with the district say they’ve been looking at design and cost estimates for a roof replacement, a new software system for Cafeteria doors, and even a new fire alarm system.

The 2017 bond earmarked $5 million for GJHS, and some of that has already been spent on making previous fixes to the school.

“What do we want to do with the $ 5 million that are earmarked? Do we go back for a bond in 2020 in November or do we wait until November of 2021,” says Sirko.

There was also some talk in the meeting of getting an architect on board, which would create a more detailed layout of these fixes.

“We would have some real drawings that we could take to a contractor and say ‘this is what we would like to build,” says Nilsen.

No official plans have been made for immediate fixes. Tuesday’s meeting just focused on an open discussion of the possible options.

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