Blistering heat is dangerous at playgrounds

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.-- Temps soared into the triple digits on Monday for the first time this year, but the temperature of playground equipment can be even hotter.

According to it is pretty easy for slides at playgrounds to reach 160 degrees. Sitting or sliding too long at that temperature could result in second degree burns.

“I burnt my side of my leg because I was going down the slide and I was not thinking that it was in the sun and I got a burn and it was really hot," Jorian Foley said.

Foley and her friend Makayla Dowdy have some advice for playing on the blistering surfaces.

“Bring something to sit on or slide down on," Foley said.

“Just don’t sit directly on something that’s been in the sun all day," Dowdy.

Grand Junction Parks and Recreation suggest avoiding the park between noon and 4 p.m.

Chantelle Herget is visiting from Tucson Arizona. The high temperature on June 20 was 112 degrees. She said it is never cool enough for playgrounds.

“In the summer my kids never get to go outside to the park," Herget said, "So they were determined to stop here on the way home."

She said several kids get second degree burns from the playground.

To prevent that from happening here Grand Junction, Parks and Recreation is working on planting trees around all the parks.

“Obviously the shade makes a huge difference," park superintendent, Mike Vendegna said, "So that’s one of the high priorities for the forestry division."

He said severe burns were more common with metal equipment.

“It does burn you. I remember when I was little, growing up here, going down the slide in shorts or something you would get really bad burns. It hurts really bad," Salina Roquemore said.

Now everything is made of or coated with plastic, which Vendegna said helps keep the heat down some.

“We caution the parents and we caution the kiddos to just be careful,” Vendegna said.

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