Bear sighting near Palisade High School

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- Palisade High School had a Shelter in Place on Oct. 21 due to a possible bear in the area.

Officials with the school say just before noon, they got a report about a bear in an orchard across the railroad tracks.

Someone said it was heading towards the school.

CPW did search the area, and said there was no trace of a bear, but they’re not ruling out the possibility.

Bears are preparing to go into hibernation, so it is typical to see them passing through orchards trying to stock up on calories.

"You know when they knew there was a bear sighting, I think they congregated by the windows to see it, but that's alright as well. I'd rather deal with a shelter in place for this, rather than other possible reasons,” says Principal Palisade High School Dan Bollinger.

CPW also wants the community to put away things like bird-feeders or any food source so that bears keep their distance.

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