All hands on deck to spruce up Orchard Ave. Elementary garden

Published: Nov. 4, 2017 at 5:15 PM MDT
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Some kids, parents and teachers at Orchard Avenue Elementary School made way for a new garden Saturday. It's part of a $110,000 Great Outdoors Colorado Grant they received to improve their school.

Shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows filled the garden.

"We are tearing out the garden," Jake Wieland, 2nd grader, said.

They're getting ready to spruce up their garden in the spring.

"We're digging up the garden and taking out all the roots," Olenn Wall, 4th grader, said.

It's getting a big upgrade.

"We're making our garden into a science garden," Emma Farlow, 3rd grader, said.

It's part of a $110,000 grant they received.

"Today is phase two of our Great Outdoors Colorado Grant that we received last spring," Vicki Woods, Principle Orchard Avenue Elementary, said.

They're using the grant money to improve their school in phases. The first phase was getting the area around the garden to look its best. The garden is a fun phase two.

"It's a garden for people to be looking at, not like destroying us for them to look at and talk to some friends," Wieland said.

Even though it's a lot of work, the kids are learning.

"Usually snails and all those things like to live around soil areas," Farlow said.

The learning won't stop here. In the spring, an edible garden will be part of the new and improved science garden. Each grade at the school will be responsible for a flower bed.

"Just for being a peaceful place, and there's not going to be any yelling it or running, or playing tag," Wall said.

Phase three will be adding a new playground structure, but the school says they aren't sure what exactly will go in yet.

They have two years to complete their projects with the grants, but they're hoping to have everything finished and installed in time for the beginning of school next year.