Yearbook marketing creates controversy at Palisade HS

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PALISADE, Colo. (KJCT) -- A yearbook marketing scheme created controversy at Palisade High School after posters were put on the walls around the school.

The posters show photos of students who did not purchase yearbooks on a wanted sign.

Some parents see this as a form of bullying.

Jennifer Watkins, a mother of a Palisade student, said students should not be singled out for not buying a yearbook, saying this picks on kids for how much money their families make.

Watkin’s pointed to a picture of her daughter on one of the posters.

"That is her senior picture," said Watkins. "I was mad, I was like why is the school bullying these kids when we should be sheltering these kids."

In a statement, D-51 said they never intended to hurt anyone or single anyone out for how much money their families make.

"I don't want another student to feel like they're being bullied by the school, let alone another student,” said Jennifer Watkins.

The yearbook staff learned about this technique in training last summer. It is something that is used across the country.

"It's very sad and pathetic where we live in a time where yearbooks are more important than our students," said Watkins.

Sophomore Taylor Copeland doesn't think it's a big deal.

"I think it's just journalism's way of advertising and getting more people to buy a yearbook," said Copeland.

But she agrees, it wasn't the best way to market yearbooks.

"There would be many other ways to go about that," said Copeland.

In their statement, D-51 said there are a lot of reasons why people do not buy yearbooks, including that they don't want one or have forgotten to buy one.

The school has taken down the posters after parents complained about them.

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