2 D51 schools get new laptops in honor of former superintendent

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- More than 60 Chromebooks were donated to West Middle and Central High School Monday in honor of former superintendent Steve Schultz's retirement.

West Middle School has three computer boxes each holding about a dozen of the laptops.

"We now have the tools to do what we need to do as teachers,” said science teacher at West Middle School Heidi Ragsdale.

Computers are nothing new to today's students.

"Stay more connected with the world, easier,” said 8th grader at West Middle School, Makayla Mai-Dao.

They’ve become a vital part of everyday learning.

"Our textbooks are kind of out of date it's from 2001 versus with our Chromebook’s the information is right now,” said 8th Grader at West Middle School, Jason Miller.

Both West Middle and Central High school have a full class set of laptops.

"They really can be problem solvers of the world and if we give them those tools amazing things can happen,” said Ragsdale.

To help improve their STEM programs.

"If we really going to prepare our kids for the future we just can't do things that we always did them,” said former D51 Superintendent.

The D51 and the Western Colorado Community Foundation donated $10,000 each in former District 51 superintendent Steve Schultz's name.

"Instead of just having to work out of the textbooks we get to work out of the computer and use better sources other than books,” said 8th grader, West Middle School Dalton Wood.

For the former superintendent, he says he's seen a lot of change in his 35-year career.

"Well there's not a job that exists that doesn't require some use of tech and that's only going to increase technology expands as jobs evolve,” said Former D51 Superintendent Steve Schultz.

The D51 foundation says they will continue to fill the need for computers as they get the money to do so.

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