Sinkhole closed Carbondale area highway Wednesday

Courtesy of CDOT
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CARBONDALE, Colo. (KCJT)- A sinkhole on Highway 133 shut down northbound traffic on Wednesday afternoon, and CDOT is continuing to monitor the area.

Since then, crews have been working to repair the hole, and as of Thursday evening, the road has been reopened.

The hole was approximately 15 feet in diameter by 12 feet deep, and CDOT says if it would have continued to grow, then southbound lanes would have been detoured as well.

The sinkhole opened up on Wednesday when a longtime CDOT maintenance employee, Tim Holbrook, tried to fill a pothole on the busy local highway.

What looked like a small depression began breaking open and revealed a 12-foot drop into a cavernous, dark hole. “I thought I was staring down into my tomb and grave,” said Holbrook afterward.

CDOT was ahead of schedule on fixing the road as their original reopen date was initially planned for Friday.

Courtesy of CDOT